Design Cover GT.16 UNIVERSAL Glass 2mm black glossy

Design Cover made of real glass for the KNX Glass Touch Sensor 6-gang with Display (GT.16.11.1) and the KNX Glass Touch Sensor Console 6-gang with Display (GT.16.15.20).

Precisely ground and polished edges, a backside ceramic coloring during tempering of the glass and the surface refinement represent the highest level of quality and design for interior architecture.
The invisible magnetic fixing solution allows unique flat and frameless wall mounting – glass pure.

The six semitransparent viewing windows in the glass printing, in combination with the separate Insertion Foil (GT.16.29.1) behind the glass, allow individual symbol selection.
By replacing the separate Insertion Foil, the symbols can be adapted with the universal design cover at any time.

Dimension: 90 mm x 90 mm
Glass thickness: 2 mm
Color: black
Surface: glossy


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