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Glass Touch Sensors

The comprehensive Living Emotions® Glass Touch Series offers innovative technology in a sophisticated design and enables the optimum operating concept for every smart building.

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Glass Pads

The elegant mounting solution made of real glass for the super-flat wall installation of Apple iPads as a permanent operating station for building automation.

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Living Emotions® App

Convenient visualization and intuitive user interface for iOS devices to allow integration of all building control functions - The Next Generation KNX Sensor.

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ScreenTronic® Blind Control Systems

The ScreenTronic® product family offers the optimal control solution from winter gardens to the complex sun tracking of blinds.

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KNX System Components

Modern KNX components for a reliable KNX infrastructure and useful tools to support the system integrator during KNX configuration.

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KNXperience 2020

The first Online KNX Trade Show will have its grand opening at the end of September. A completely new and exciting experience is yet to come - a real Trade Show experience completely online.

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Your Partner for KNX Technology

As a member of the KNX Association, we offer the best products from the area of building control systems and home automation..

These bus systems provide intelligent networking of modern building technology, thus allowing the control of lighting, ventilation, heating, security systems and blinds.

Our products include power supply, connector modules and interfaces.

With customized solutions, we achieve a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in all areas.