CONTROLtronic Catalog (for Android and iOS)

Explore the KNX product world of CONTROLtronic

  • KNX Glass Touch Sensors
  • Glass Pad – Wall Mounting Solution for Smart Devices
  • Living Emotions® App – The Next Generation KNX Sensor
  • ScreenTronic® – Blind Control Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • Blind Controls Standard / LAN
  • Blind Controls KNX
  • Blind Control Centers
  • Weather Stations
  • ScreenTronic® App
  • Blind Cables
  • Blind Connection Cables
  • Tappet Contacts
  • Cable Junctions
  • KNX System Components
  • KNX Power Supplies
  • KNX Gateways / Interfaces
  • KNX Connection Module
  • KNX Configuration Tool

The catalog app provides quick access to photos, datasheets and information on the innovative products for building automation of CONTROLtronic.

For the KNX Glass Touch Sensors you can use the configurator to create glass covers with customer-specific symbols and view the result with different backgrounds or a photo of your own wall. This enables you to imagine the effect of the exclusive KNX Glass Touch Sensors in your own home.

A shopping cart allows the compilation of the desired products. The product list can be sent via e-mail.

Information about our distribution partners completes the functionality.

ScreenTronic App (for iOS)

Blind Control from anywhere – at home, in office or on vacation!

Control your blinds easily, intuitively and in real-time with the ScreenTronic® app on your iOS device. Whether you control the blinds in a complex office building, hotel room, hospital, conservatory or private home – the usability is extremely simple as long as you use KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building automation, or the in-house technology of CONTROLtronic. Blind control via graphical user interface as well as their configuration are both done completely within ScreenTronic® app.

Imagine, you wake up and can lift the blinds automated to admire the view without the need of leaving your warm bed! Or think about burglary prevention by controlling your blinds from your holiday resort!


  • Remote Control: Replace the conventional radio remote control with a smart solution.
  • ScreenControl: Blind Control Center for automatic shading and sun tracking (optional extension)
  • Weather station: Display and processing of weather data from a CONTROLtronic or KNX weather station
  • Timer: Time-controlled blind positions
  • Types: Sun protection, privacy protection, shading, shutter, roller blind, venetian blind and awning.
  • Comfort: The entire configuration and operation of the blinds is simple and completely handled within the app.
  • Control: Different blind control elements and their structure can be created by you. Blinds are controlled either via graphical representation for height and angle (value-driven) or command buttons to start, stop and step adjustment (event-driven).
  • Real-time: The blind position (height and slat angle) is displayed and updated on the surface via system status feedback.
  • Favorites: For quick access individual control groups can be defined as favorites.
  • Comfort Positions: Program your preferred blind positions as preconfigured positions for height and angle (up to 5 comfort positions per control group).
  • Projects, zones and control groups: There is no limitation on the number of projects, zones and control groups so the blind control structure is infinite.
  • Operation: Between zones and control groups can be changed quickly and easily by swiping the display of your device.
  • Communication: Comprehensive communication options allow an extremely wide application range:
    • Via KNX standard with KNX tunneling or KNX routing to all common KNX IP interfaces and KNX IP routers
    • Or direct via the CONTROLtronic blind control systems.
  • Connection: Connect your smart device via Wi-Fi or mobile networks (VPN) with the KNX IP Interface or KNX IP router or directly to the CONTROLtronic control system.
  • Project structure: The project control structure can be documented clearly as site-map which is convertible in PDF as well as exportable.
  • Replicability: All projects can be transferred via iTunes or email for backup and replication on other devices.
  • Compatibility: The ScreenTronic® app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro. The respective display size is optimally supported.

For permanent use of the KNX connection or the CONTROLtronic blind interface a license is mandatory.

ScreenTronic®: one app – one function: BLIND CONTROL!