KNX Configuration Tool | CT.1.1.1

The KNX Configuration Tool is practical for fast and convenient commissioning of KNX components. The connection to the KNX bus is processed via connectors. When using the connection module CM.1.1.1 the KNX connections can also simply be plugged on the distribution side. The integrated KNX power supply is shift able, so KNX components can also be programmed without existing infrastructure of the KNX.

The coupling of the ETS works via the LAN port or the integrated WLAN access point. Because of the wireless connection to the ETS, you can move free with the notebook during programming. With its compact dimensions and the included toolbox the KNX Configuration Tool is the ideal companion for all system integrators. 

Included Components

  • KNX IP Interface
  • WLAN Access Point
  • LAN Switch
  • KNX Power Supply 320mA (shift able)
  • Toolbox


Download PDF Datasheet