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As a member of the KNX Association, we offer the best products from the area of building control systems and home automation.

These bus systems provide intelligent networking of modern building technology, thus allowing the control of lighting, ventilation, heating, security systems and blinds.

Our products include power supply, connector modules and interfaces.

With customized solutions, we achieve a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in all areas.


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KNX Connection Module

The KNX Connection Module CM.1.1.1 allows a fast access to the twisted-pair (TP) KNX wires. The Connection Module is for DIN rail mounting, 2 modules wide and is connected within the distribution box with a standard KNX connection terminal to the KNX line. On a special KNX socket the KNX line is available at all times from outside the distribution box. The new module is a cost-efficient alternative to the fixed installation of a USB or IP Interface. For programming or changing parameters of KNX components its no more necessary to open the cover of the distribution box or disassembling of a push button sensor.

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