Glass Pads

Design Glass Pad for Smart Building Technology
Uniquely flat, the super-thin Glass Pad made of real glass with precision ground edges fits neatly on any surface. Tablets and other touch devices are entirely smooth embedded in the perfectly designed glass frames refined with ceramic color. Light, blinds and other smart building technology is controlled via apps such as our own Living Emotions App. The Living Emotions Glass Pad wall mounting solution integrates the devices modernly into today‘s architecture. A magnetic solution (patent pending) for ultra-thin wall mounting conceales the fixings and allows them to disappear invisibly. The power supply is either mounted directly in an included housing behind the wall mount or remotely connected with a cable. Thereby the Glass Pad even finds space in particularly narrow walls or even doors and doorframes. The Living Emotion Glass Pad takes up the ultra-flat appearance of the smart device to transform innovative buildings into Smart Buildings.